What compass do you use?

I made a page full of all the tools I use. Check it out here.

How did you learn about sacred geometry?

I discovered sacred geometry while drinking plant medicine in the Peruvian Amazon, the plants showed me the basics and I just kept searching for more and experimenting with a compass and straight edge.

Can you change the print size for me?

Most likely, get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

Do you sell signed prints?

I wish! I'm in a remote part of Peru right now. All orders are handled my brother JK in England because there's no way for me to send out orders from where I am. I would love to sign everything that goes out the door but I'm just too far away.

How do I flatten my print?

To protect your print from damage in transport, we ship them rolled in sturdy postal tubes. To flatten your print, unroll it onto a clean surface with the artwork facing down, lay some heavy books in each corner and leave for 24 hours. Make sure you have clean hands and try to only touch the edges of the paper.

Can I sell this reproduction of your art I made from watching your videos?

I wish I could say yes but as a rule my videos are for personal use, inspiration and technical guidance only. If the artwork is clearly inspired by and not just a reproduction then it’s fine to sell. I’m doing my best to sell my own work too at the end of the day. A man’s gotta eat!

Where are you located?

I’m from England, but I live and work in Peru with my fiancé, her daughter, a German Shepherd called Yaku and a cat called Pumdog.

Will you teach me how to draw like you?

I’ve got a bunch of tutorials on my YouTube channel.

How will my download files be delivered?

Once your payment has cleared, you will get access to all files to download. Prints are jpegs or PDF files that are ready to be printed. Larger files and collections are compressed into zip files that will need to be extracted.

Will the printed image look exactly the same as it appears on my screen?

It’s likely that your printer will not be calibrated to your screen so colours and saturation may differ from the actual print. But to be honest the difference for most of my art will be minuscule because it’s black and white.

Can I use the images for commercial purposes?

No. These downloads are for personal use only. You may not share or resell the digital file, and you may not sell prints of the art.

Purchase does not transfer rights. Copyright remains with the artist.